Send your masks to healthcare workers without leaving your house.

We’ll show you how.

I’m a healthcare worker and I need masks.

I want to help and
I have masks to give.

Dear Mask Match Community,

We at Mask Match have been overwhelmed by the response to the needs of our healthcare workers. Over the past 3 months, our community has sent 821,000 masks from 6,200 donors to 7,300 recipients. This includes deliveries to every state, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington DC. 

Our donors include people who had a single box of masks under their workbench or wildfire masks in their closet, many small business owners eager to help, and very dedicated volunteers sewing handmade masks.

Our recipients include ER doctors in NY and NJ, local hospital and EMS providers in Mississippi caring for patients in the aftermath of a tornado, and Navajo Nation EMS providers amongst many others.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen fewer requests for masks. This is a great sign that supply chains are catching up to demand, and a very welcome one, as there are simply not as many boxes of masks out there waiting to be discovered. We’ve decided to join forces with GetUsPPE, an organization well-prepared to support PPE needs and advocate for healthcare workers throughout future waves of COVID-19.

As the start of the crisis loomed, we were inspired to act and we expected a challenge. What we did not expect was the level of dedication from our volunteers and the depth of generosity we saw from our donors. We would like to thank our donors for that generosity, our health care provider recipients for their patience as we worked out the kinks, and our volunteers for their tireless work. 

Our last request to our community: please wear masks. It’s been conclusively shown that this is the most effective tool we have to protect ourselves and our country from this terrible disease. Let’s continue showing that we care for each other by taking this simple step.

- The Mask Match Co-Founders (Liz, Chloe, Emma, & Colin)


Over a period of three months, Mask Match delivered 820,000+ masks to healthcare workers around the United States. We delivered masks to every state, plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., and even some to Canada.


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Total Masks Delivered: 821,000+ 

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Who are we?


Chloe Alpert

Chloe is the CEO of Medinas Health, a cloud-based asset management and remarketing platform that helps hospitals manage their inventory and buy and sell their used medical equipment. Chloe is a Forbes 30 under 30 healthcare honoree and lives in Berkeley.


Liz Klinger

Liz Klinger is the Co-founder and CEO of Lioness Health, a sexual wellness company that makes biofeedback vibrators that help people improve their sexual pleasure. Her mom is a lifelong nurse with over 30 years of experience in Neurosurgery, Oncology, Medical Surgery, Telemetry and Rehabilitation.


Colin Schimmelfing

Colin is a software development professional with 9 years of experience, currently managing a team of engineers at Flatiron Health. His personal website is

Emma Ferguson

Emma Ferguson is a software engineer at Samsara, with a background in data analysis and further-back background in nonprofit administration. She lives in Oakland, CA.


350+ amazing volunteers

Our volunteers are from around the world, from New York to Florida to Buenos Aires to Hong Kong. Their hard work and dedication made Mask Match a success, allowing us to provide 850,000+ masks to healthcare workers all around the US.

Thanks to the companies who’ve helped us!

These companies have gone above and beyond to help Mask Match: